Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Crafting with UFOs!

Hello and welcome!

It's fair to say that things have not gone according to plan recently.  And it is probably going to be a while before things get back to normal, because I have been suffering from the flu.  Not a bad cold, you understand, but the full-on flu.  And it's left me with no energy. None. At. All. Not for crafting, blogging, or filming and editing.  
So, for the next few entries, I am relying on some projects I finished before the dreaded lurgy struck.  Today I'm sharing the card I made with some of my UFOs (that's UnFinished Objects).

This is what I started with - 
And this is what I made- 

I think it turned out quite well - what do you think?

And that is really all I have for you right now. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible (I hope!)

Keep crafting,


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Pour me a cuppa!

Hello and welcome!

I’ve always been fascinated by pop-up and kinetic mechanisms in paper craft.  (If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you might just have noticed that!)  As a child I spend hours trying to figure out what made the magic happen in my pop-up books – and then when my own children were small I did the same with their books.

So I’m always thrilled when I get a new (to me) mechanism to work the way I want it to.  Here's what happens when you open up the card - 

I found the instructions for this in a book BY Duncan Birmingham Pop-Up! A Manual of paper mechanisms.  (The book is out of print, and second-hand copies sell for ridiculous prices, so if you spot one at a reasonable price I’d snap it up if I were you.  You can also visit Duncan’s YouTube channel – The Pop-Up Channel).

Of course the Tea Together stamps and framelits were perfect for this kind of movement.  I wanted it to look as if the teapot was getting ready to pour tea into the cup.This is how I made it - 

There was some trial and error associated with this card – I think I made five or 6 prototypes before I was happy.  In the end I was really pleased with how it came out..

The direction and the amount of rotation is controlled by the position and angle of the fold in the cross-piece and where the "L" shaped piece is placed.

This arrangement will move anticlockwise -

A wide angle will give a lot of rotation

A narrow angle will give you a smaller amount of rotation

If you like this mechanism you might want to try changing the relative positions of the working parts.  And you should DEFINITELY give visit Duncan Birmingham's channel.

Keep crafting


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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Double Z fold card...FAIL!

Hello and welcome!

Every once in a while, I start work on a project and everything works as I want it to and the finished item looks like I imagined it would.

This is not one of those projects.

I made a few schoolgirl errors while I was making this card.  If I’m honest, by the time I finished it I was sick of the sight of it and I almost decided to remake it.  I even started a new version, and all was going well – except that the file wouldn’t save, whatever I did. 
Bad language was used.

However, with the passage of time, I’ve decided that I quite like the card after all and that you might enjoy learning from my mistakes, so I’m sharing it.  The YouTube video is quite long because I’ve kept the mistakes in.  See what you think!

Keep crafting,


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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Embossed Frame card

Hello and welcome.

A simple little card today – just a bit of stamping and colouring on watercolour paper, cut out and mounted onto a mat of So Saffron.  

To add a bit of interest, I used one of the Layering Squares dies and the Embossing mat & plate to create a “frame” around the image – I think it sets it off nicely.

Watch the video to see how I did it -

You can find the supplies I used at the end of this post.

See you again soon!

Keep crafting,


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Saturday, 26 January 2019

No glue, no measure box

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my little bit of the Pootlers Blog Hop – Sale-A-Bration edition!

I am really in love with the Botanical Butterfly papers.  I used one whole sheet for this origami box, which is made with no glue, no measuring and hardly any tools (I just used a bone folder to get a nice sharp fold, but it wasn’t strictly necessary.)  The butterfly is punched from another sheet in the pack.

Fancy trying this yourself?  Here’s the folding diagram –

There will be a tutorial on my YouTube channel in the near future, which I hope will make things a bit clearer! 

Meanwhile, how about continuing around the hop?  There are lots of lovely projects for you, all using stuff you can get for free (such a bargain!) from the Sale-A-Bration promotion so I know you'll find lots of inspiration!

Keep crafting!


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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Floating Panel with Bella & Friends

Hello and welcome!
It’s an interactive card today.  This is a variation of what I call a “Pushmi-Pullyu” card. 

In this kind of mechanism, you pull on one tab and another slides out at the same time – or that’s the usual arrangement.  The two sliding panels are attached to an endless belt of plastic so that when one is pulled, the other is pushed in the opposite direction.

I saw this idea on a channel called Insideoutjeans and I thought it was brilliant!  I’d never thought of attaching a stamped image directly onto the plastic belt before - and I love how it works!

Here’s how I made it.

Oh, and this card is made in honour of a colleague’s new spaniel puppy.  The stamp set I used is Bella and Friends and the puppy (who is so adorable) is also called Bella.  I just had to make this card in her honour, don’t you agree?

Keep crafting!


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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Time for tea!

Hello and welcome! 

I'm a tea drinker, me.  I love a cup of Earl Gray, taken hot without milk or sugar.  My husband prefers coffee, but it's tea for me!

A couple of years ago Stampin' Up! had a set of dies that featured cups and mugs and a kettle (or possibly teapot?) that was really popular and lots of us were sad when it retired.  I was so thrilled when I saw the stamps in the spring/summer catalogue and the dies in the Sale-A-Bration booklet - there was much rejoicing and happy dancing!  

I made a double-z fold card as my first project.  Here's the tutorial - 

I have more ideas for using these supplies, so do check back to see what I come up with! 

Keep Crafting


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