Saturday, 18 August 2018

A custom-sized box

Hello and welcome!

Sometimes you need to make a box to fit a particular item.  If you are going to make a box with a fitted lid, you measure the length, width and height of the object  and then you need a piece of card that is  Height+Length+Height by Height+Width+Height in size.  

Your score lines need to be at the Height measurement on all 4 sides. 

To make the lid, you either need to cut the card a tiny bit bigger or, and this is the method I prefer, cut it the same size but use a shim to adjust the position of the score lines (watch the tutorial to see what I mean!)

It's reasonably easy to calculate the dimensions if your item is a nice, regular shop, but what if it's irregular, like my polymer clay dragon here (based on the work of Christi Friesen who makes the most AMAZING polymer clay creations and writes wonderful books showing you how to make your own!)?

I'll show you how I do it in the tutorial below!

I do hope you enjoyed the video!  My finished box had a little bit too much room for my dragon, but that's because I was too generous with the "ease" I allowed.   You need some ease so that you can get the item in and out without too much trouble, but I was a bit too cautious.  I used some tulle to fill the gaps, and it looks really quite posh - so I'm calling it a happy accident!

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Mini album - Page 4 & 5 (playing catchup!)

Hello, and welcome!

I've been neglecting this blog lately.  There are reasons which I won't bore you with, but that's no excuse.  So I'm playing catch-up with the scrapbook project.  This is page 4.  It seems that, once I start creating folding flaps, I can't stop!

I love how a small page turns out to have lots of space inside,  It's a bit like the TARDIS!

I changed the layout as I was making the page (I do this quite often, even when I've planned it all out first).  I think the page diagram corresponds with the video, though!

I'm also behind on page 5, which is a push-pullyu page.  Love this mechanism, I've used it on a card several times.  Once you know how it's done, it's SOOO easy!

Here's the tutorial. (If you want to go back over the earlier pages, don't worry - there is a playlist so you can easily find the earlier episodes!)

Here's hoping that life gets a bit less complicated from here on in and I stick to my timetable!

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Floating Panel Pop-up Card

Hello - and welcome!

I enjoy making pop-up cards, and I love it when you open a card and it surprises you (although the confetti flinger card is maybe going a bit far!)  

This one has a nice, gentle surprise inside.

And it's probably one of the easiest kind of pop-up mechanisms.

Here's the tutorial-

Isn't that so cute?

(You can find the supplies I used at the bottom of this post.  Click on the link to go straight to the item in my online shop - good, eh?)

See you soon,

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Wild about you!

Hello, and welcome!

I got the inspiration for today's project from watching TV - a shopping channel, to be precise.  I do love origami, so I really took notice when I saw this cute little picture frame was being demonstrated.

When you link s few together, you can make booklet.  I filled the frame with letters to spell a message, but you could definitely put photos into the spaces.  And of course, you could make the booklet longer or shorter.  It's up to you!

Here's how I made it - and a little box to keep it in.

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Floral Frames Card

 Hello and welcome!

August already, can you believe it?  And Stampin' Up! is running a Bonus Days promotion again (woo-hoo!)  What are bonus days?  Well, gather round and I shall explain!  For every £45 you spend in August (before P & P) you'll be emailed a code.  Keep it safe, and when you shop with SU in September (when the new Autumn/Winter catalogue comes into play) you can use your code to get £4.50 off.  Bargain!

Anyway, back to today's project.  I've been playing with the Subtle embossing folder.  It's really tricky to show what this folder does to card, and that's sad, because it gives a really lovely texture- like a fabric weave.  If I enlarge the photo, perhaps you can see it - 
Here's  how I  made this card - 

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed!  

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Saturday, 28 July 2018

InspireINK - Embossed Anniversary

Hello, and welcome!  It's Inspireink Blog Hop day, when this blog links up with others the challenge to bring you lots of inspiration!  This time the theme has been  set by the amazing Sally Shaw - 

OK, so this was a real challenge, as I don't own any (current) stamps with the word " anniversary" or with numbers.  

However - it is Stampin' Up!'s 30th anniversary this year, so I thought I'd make a card to celebrate that fact.

This is a shabby chic card and I'm going to be honest, it hasn't photographed well!  The "shabby" bit is, in reality, gold embossed.

It's a variation on the "Black Ice" technique and gives a lovely distressed effect (well, it's lovely if you like distressed cards!  I'm feeling quite distressed myself at present because of the photograph...)

Here are some close ups for a better view of the heat embossing - and the embossed edge around the aperture.  I used the "tufted" embossing folder - I really, really love this one! (Supplies list below if you want to see what I used).

I hope that gives you a better idea - and there will be a tutorial on my YouTube Channel in the near future if you want to see how I made this card.

Anyway, on with the blog hop!  If you click the button below, you'll be taken to the lovely Sally's blog to find out what she's got in store for you.  I'll be back to blog another day soon!

Keep Crafting,

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