Wednesday 11 October 2017

Two-fer techniques

Hello and welcome!

I thought I’d share something a bit different from my usual finished card/project today. 

I’m a great collector of techniques – for paper or card finishes or for paper engineering.  I love being able to start with a plain piece of paper and card and make it look super-special, so today I decided to share a couple of techniques that have been around for a while but that I haven’t used in my cardmaking for some time.

To begin with, I had a play with  watercolour block printing.  Of course, you can do this with any dye-based stamp pad, but I found that the Stampin' Write markers and the Stampin' Spots ( which come uninked, so you can make them any colour you choose) gave me quite a bit of control over where I put the colour.  I'd say that using watercolour paper is the key to getting a good result.  The paper needs to be absorbent and strong enough to cope with a lot of water.  The timing is important too - if you leave the wet paper too long it'll start to stick to the block.

The fusible webbing technique is lots of fun and you never know what you're going to get!  It is important that you use a webbing that will melt into holes, not one that keeps its integrity.  It's the same stuff that you use to use to mend the hem of your trousers, just in a big sheet instead of a narrow strip. (You could use the narrow strip for edging a piece of card!) This is the kind I used - 

You could, of course, use either technique on its own - combining them is not compulsory, but I did love the way my bits of card came out! In the end, I used the finished die-cuts as embellishments on cards.  

So there you are, hope you enjoyed it - and remember, keep crafting!

See you soon,

Crafty Hugs,


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