Monday 11 November 2019

BIG pop-up cube

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Today I'm revisiting one of the early projects from my YouTube channel - the pop-up cube.

I've made the pop-up cube in a few sizes.  This is the largest I've ever made and is probably the largest that can be made using A4 card.  It uses 2 sheets and the cube is 3 3/4 " on a side.  

I think I've improved my technique for assembling these over the years, too.  Here's how I made this one - 
The envelope is made out of 12 by 12 paper.  Here's the cutting/scoring plan - 

Place glue or tape on the outside of the narrow flaps and fold them inside, then fold the front of the envelope onto the taped flaps.  

I love action cards and this is one of my favourite actions.  It really has the "wow" factor!

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