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If you love crafting, and want to make it pay for itself, but want to work at your own pace, want to work hours that you set yourself, and without any pressure of targets, then Stampin’ Up is the perfect opportunity for you. If you've thought about becoming a demonstrator for SU, you may have questions you'd like answered before you take the plunge - I know I did.  I'll try to answer some of them here, and if you have any that I don't cover, please email me at

Q. How much does it cost to join?  Your Starter Kit costs £99 (129 €). For that, you get to choose up to £130 (175 €), plus a business pack (order forms, catalogues, flyers, the essentials to start your business).  You also be able to login to the Stampin' Up!  Demonstrator website, which gives you access to train materials and resources that will help you make get going. Unlike other companies, the starter kit is  customiseable. You choose what YOU want in it.  You choose the kit that you want, that will enable you to demonstrate it best.  You can go along with SU's suggested kit if you like - or do your own thing.

 Q. Am I out on my own then?   No, you're not left high and dry!  Every SU Demonstrator has an "Upline", who is there to help and support.  And the Upline has an Upline, who has an Upline... You choose who you would like to be your Upline (if you choose me, just click on the "Join the Team" button at the right and you'll be taken straight to the Independent Demonstrator Agreement )  Again, it's up to you how much or little you want to interact with your Upline.

Q.  Do I have to run workshops or classes?  I just want to get products at a discount for my own use. Absolutely fine!  There are plenty of SU demonstrators who just purchase product at a discount for themselves and friends or family.  SU don't care as long as you meet the quarterly minimum. You choose your own career path. You may want to be a discount demonstrator – buying products for your own use with occasional sales to friends or family. You might just want to be a short term demonstrator, to earn extra money for something specific. You might want to be a hobby demonstrator, expanding your craft network while demonstrating and socialising, or work around your family commitments and earning some extra money. Or you might be a career demonstrator, working hard to build your business, recruiting and expanding. There are so many different ways you can make Stampin’ Up! work for you, that you needn’t feel any pressure. There are no hard targets set by the company, all you need to do is sell £277- worth of net sales every 3 calendar months to remain active.

Q. What is the quarterly minimum and when are the quarters? It is £277 catalogue price. The quarters are Jan-March, April-June, July-September, Oct-December. When you join SU, you are already within a calendar quarter, so Stampin’ Up! allows you that first part quarter as a ‘grace’ period. A sort of settling in period for you to find your feet. So therefore, your first quarterly minimums don’t need to be met until the one after. For example, I joined in December , but I had until the end of March to meet my minimums, and anything I bought/sold during December also counted.

 Q. What happens if I don’t meet my minimums? You will be given an extra month to try and achieve them, but if you don’t, you are not required to return anything to SU, you aren’t obliged to do anything more, and aren’t tied in to anything. You will simply go into an ‘inactive’ state, and no longer be able to sell or buy at the 20% discount. However, should you want to rejoin, you can join the same upline immediately by buying a fresh starter kit. But should you wish to go to another upline, you must wait 90 days.

Q. Do my personal purchases count towards the quarterly minimums? Yes! SU doesn’t mind who does the buying, whether it’s you, your neighbour, or someone else. They will just look at your total figures. 

Q. How do I get the discount, and how do I earn commission? As a demonstrator, you get the immediate 20% discount off the net price at the point you make your purchase through the dedicated demonstrator website. SU does all the calculations for you!  If you are selling to someone you receive the same 20% but as a commission rather than a discount.

Q. Can I earn more than 20%? Yes, from your own personal sales, you can earn up to an extra 15% commission based on your total monthly sales/purchases. When your rolling year-to-date sales exceed £1800 your commission goes up to 25%!  And if you have a team, there’s extra earning potentional there too.

 Q. Do I have to pay tax? This depends on how much you sell, versus how much you buy. If you sold £150 you would earn an approximate commission of £25. This would be the taxable amount. However, if you had purchased £100 worth of products for yourself and your business, then you are in a ‘loss’ position as far as income versus expenditure is concerned. To make a profit, you would need to sell 5 times what you spend to be in a profit situation. And it would depend on current income from other sources (day job etc) as to whether you would pay tax or not. If you’re interested in becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, follow these easy steps once you’re on my Stampin Up website (Click here to go there now): Click on the Join Now image to the right to join Stampin’ Up! Read and agree to the Independent Demonstrator Agreement. Purchase your Starter Kit. The online form will prompt you to choose up to £130 (175€) worth of products to create your own custom Starter Kit, allowing you to start your business, your way!

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