Tuesday 26 July 2016

Yay! It's Your Day!

Hello bloggists and thank you for visiting.
If you’ve visited my blog or my YouTube channel in the past, you may have noticed that I love, love, LOVE kinetic cards and I am especially happy when I come across a style that I haven’t encountered previously.

Today’s project is a pop-out fold card of a type that’s new to me.  

I saw it on Facebook (Thanks, Lynda Shrimpton) and didn’t rest until I’d found out how to make one for myself

Isn't that just amazing?  You really need to see it in action to get the full effect.
Here’s my version of how to go about it –

Here’s the folding diagram - 

It's proportions that are important in this card so you could make it in any size

The card is folded in half along its length and the two outer panels are 1/4 the width of the card. The crossover is found by folding the card diagonally;  the pop-out panel is 1/4 of the card cut lengthwise and folded into 4 panels.

The card as demonstrated uses two full sheets of A4 card but I think it’s worth it for the WOW! factor.  

I hope you like it - I had lots of fun making it!

See you soon,

Crafty Hugs,



  1. Hiya Keren,
    Ta so much for the shut out.......MOST surprised....but also so v v happy I could insire you to make this totesridic fantabulous card. Brilliant ooxx

    1. insPire even....and a space b/w totes and ridic.....dah...it is near 11PM here in Sydney Australia....need sleep.....LOL ooxx

  2. This is great ... I will have to watch it carefully again and try for the " inches " measurements ..


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