Tuesday 24 January 2017

Rockabye Baby!

Hello bloggists,  and welcome.

I may have created a monster.   I can't now remember how it happened that the cat spotted that there are a lot of videos featuring cats and kittens on YouTube,  but she has.  The result is that she has taken to plonking herself right in front of the computer screen to watch her favourite programme,  preferably one with kittens and lots of mewing. 

So I am writing this on my tablet, because when I got in from work she was sitting ready, with a hopeful expression and I couldn't resist that smooshy little face!

Fortunately,  she gave me enough space to make this card

I'm not usually a fan of cutesy stamps, but I found the Moon Baby set so appealing I couldn't resist it.  

It's a rocker card, of course.   Here's the video tutorial. 
So that's it for today.   I hope you enjoyed it.

Back soon, as long as Mysti lets me near the computer! 

Crafty Hugs, 

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