Tuesday 7 February 2017

Pop Up Cube Revisited!

Hello bloggists and welcome!  
One of my earliest YouTube projects was a pop-up cube card.  I'm fascinated by kinetic and pop-up cards and paper engineering in general, and I was dead pleased to find instructions for this sort of project.

That was almost two years ago.  My channel has grown since then and I hope that I've learned something as well.  At the time I was only posting once a week and the camera I was using wasn't the best.  I wanted to revisit the project to try and make it a bit easier.  

The tricky part is getting the elastic that makes it pop into position.  The original instructions said to sew it into place but that was fiddly - and also created a weak spot right where you needed strength.

When I made the Baby Shower card, I wondered if the method used to hold the elastic in place would work on the popup cube - and it does!

Here it is in action!

(I've also learned how to make a GIF animation - cool, eh?  I will have to stop myself from putting them into every post though!)
Here's the tutorial - 

(If you want the cutting diagram, click here.)

That's it for now, but I'll be back again soon - please do join me!

Crafty Hugs,



  1. Amazing project! I had so much fun making this! Sorry I'm not savvy enough to send you a picture but I basically used the same materials you did. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  2. Thank you so much for creating the video and the template...they were so helpful! I used different materials in my project as I wanted to create a birthday version. I added a picture of the birthday girl to one side plus to the other sides I added her age and initials using framelits and also a butterfly thinlit. I hope she'll like it!

  3. Hi Karen, love the popping cube! I watched your video a while ago and have finally gotten the chance to make it today, yay! However, when I clicked the lick to get the measurements for the outside box to slip the cube into it said I had to sign up to something called Dropbox? Is this correct? I wasn't sure if was really necessary or just someone trying to send spam into my computer.

    1. Hi Shari, Dropbox is the file sharing service I use. If you don't want to sign up with them, email me direct - keren@tuppencecoloured.co.uk - and I'll send the file direct to you. Thanks for watching!

    2. Thank you Karen for replying so quickly! I'm good to download Dropbox just as long as it is a legitimate site. I've had troubles in the past with unwanted Trojans and things coming in on programs I wasn't familiar with. Thanks for the info, I've already made 2 cubes - one for my mum and one for my niece. Now I can finish them and post the off tomorrow. 💜 your work, thanks so much for sharing.


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