Wednesday 6 December 2017

You Float My Boat box card

Hello - or perhaps I should say "ahoy there!" because today’s project has a definitely nautical flavour.

I made this for my husband, who has great admiration for octopuses.  They really are pretty clever for a sea creature (and a bit sneaky too). 
This style of card is a variation on the pop-up box card, only instead of the pop-up elements being on top of the box base, they are inside.  

Here’s the tutorial (in which I also show how to get embossing powder to stick to dye-based ink...I’m as sneaky as an octopus...)

This kind of card is great for showing off those small stamps that you may have, as the space to be filled is quite restricted.  And of course, you can make any theme you choose- for today’s Blogger Bonus I’m sharing a more seasonal version.

Which do you prefer?  Let me know!

Keep crafting!


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  1. I can't hardly wait to give this a try, thank you for sharing and as always inspiration


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