Wednesday 10 October 2018

Pop-up "Boo!"

Hello, and welcome!

Who loves Halloween?  I do! When I was a small child, we didn't really make a big thing about October 31 - the big excitement was November 5th, or Bonfire Night. Halloween was a night for staying home and playing games like trying to take bites out of an apple suspended on a string while blindfold and with hands behind the back.  Pumpkins were pretty much unknown in South Wales so if you wanted a Jack O'Lantern you had to hollow out a swede or turnip (and if you've ever tried doing that you'll know just how hard it is to do!)

I'm so excited when I see the Halloween items in the shops nowadays and I so enjoy crafting Halloween -themed items.

Today it's a pop-up card.

The pop-up is based on a v-fold mechanism, which is one of the simplest pop-ups.  The main thing to be careful about is where you place the pop-up element, because you need to allow enough room so that the pop-up bit doesn't show when the card is closed.

See how here - 

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  1. Originale carte ! J'aime bien. Merci du partage.Bonne journée !


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