Saturday 20 April 2019

Up and Away wiper card

Hello, and welcome!

Today I've been making this wiper card.  These are very popular right now.  In case you haven't seen this kind of action card, when you pull gently at the edges of the card, the pop-up arm appears (like a windscreen wiper).


Here's how it looks in the open position.

I've been making this kind of card for a long time (one of my earliest YouTube tutorials was a wiper card)  but I'd never thought of making the front panel a different height from the back until I saw some of the inspirational cards being posted on YouTube and Pinterest.  Then I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it before!

Here's how I made this one.

Don't you think that the hot air balloons are so suitable for this card?  I'm rather sorry that they will be retiring when the new catalogue goes live at the beginning of June, but they've been around for a while, so I can't complain!

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