Saturday 30 March 2019

Window Box Bridge card

Hello and welcome!

I've seen this style of card popping up all over the interwebs for some time now.  I've been terribly impressed with them, too.  I love the way that the sides of the card frame a scene but yet the whole thing folds flat to fit into an envelope.

When I see new style of pop-up or action card my first move is to sit down and try and figure out how it's made.  I've been learning about, and playing with paper engineering for some years now so I usually have a fair idea of where to start.

However, this one baffled me for some reason, and I had to watch several tutorials before I "got it".  I don't know why, because it's really very easy!  See what you think...

When you get down to basics, it's just another form of fold-flat box card/double Z fold card, but isn't it cute?  I love the way this one came out.  It reminds me of a window box full of plants.  

That's me for today!  

Keep Crafting,

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