Thursday 20 April 2017

The best things in life are...sweet!

Hello Bloggists, and welcome!  Blogging has been a bit irregular lately - because I was part of the Pootlers  Birthday Blog this month, instead of blogging on Saturday I posted on Sunday.  The project I shared on Saturday I then posted to YouTube on Tuesday ...however, normal service has now been resumed!

I seem to have been making a lot of cards lately - so I thought it was time for a change.  Today I'm sharing this fold-flat box which I made to fit a bar of peppermint cream chocolate.  Emerald Envy was just the right colour and I got to use up some of my retiring supplies - bargain!

I wanted to show you how I measure and plan the box construction so there's quite a bit of measuring and so on involved in the tutorial.  (If you just want to jump to the actual making of the box, then skip to 11.52 in the tutorial)

I did make a bit of a boo-boo when I was filming this one and got the tuck-in flaps on the wrong edge.  It works OK but would be better if the glued edge was toward the back of the box.  The measurements and cutting plan for the box- with the flaps in the right place -  can be found here.

Thanks for visiting - please come again!

Crafty Hugs,


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