Saturday 29 June 2019

InspireINK Blog Hop- Sketch challenge

Hello, and welcome to my part of the InspireINK Blog Hop.  

This time the challenge is to make something using this sketch -
Sketches are a great way of kick-starting the old crafting mojo when it's gone to sleep.  The design is there for you to start from, and you can either follow it closely or adapt it as you see fit.

I stuck pretty closely to the sketch this time.  The sketch shows a stitched edge around the tag and after some thought, I managed to make it happen by cutting a stitched rectangle and then putting the die at an angle across one end of the cut-out piece, like this - 

(There will be a tutorial - check my YouTube channel in the next few days!) 

I'm having too much fun with the heat-embossed resist technique and I couldn't stop myself from using it (I was going to say I couldn't resist using it, but that would have been going too far, don't you think?) 

So back to the hop and to see what the rest of the crafty crew have been up to!  

Keep crafting,


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Wednesday 26 June 2019

Welcome to the team! #simplestamping

Hello, and welcome!

My day job is in an office.  I enjoy my job (yes, honestly!) and part of the reason why is because of the people I work with.  It's a very social place and we love to mark special occasions by sending cards.  There's always a birthday, or someone's retiring or has been promoted, so when I spotted Welcome to the Team in the SU catalogue I got it as soon as I could!

It's a #simplestamping project today - well, almost, because I did use coloured pencils.  

Simples, yes? And super-quick, because sometimes you need a card in a hurry.  If you work in an office these stamps are a must-have!  (Want to get hold of them?  See the product links below!)

So that's me for today.  
Keep crafting


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Saturday 22 June 2019

I must go down to the sea again... the lonely sea and the sky.
I left my vest and socks there, I wonder if they're dry?" (Apologies to John Masefield - Sea Fever)

I think I'm enjoying playing with the Sailing Home stamps a tiny bit too much - it's affecting my brain!   

I'm not going to stop, though ! :)  I start two weeks leave from my day job today and I'm looking forward to spending some time beside the sea (not hard since the beach is at the end of the street!) - or if the weather's not kind, getting caught up on my crafting.

A really super-simple card today, with a bit of heat embossing, brushed-on colour, and a couple of stickers from the Memories and More card pack.  Here's what I did -

Heat embossing looks like magic the first time you see it, and because water-based inks don't stick to the heated powder, the embossing stands out against the coloured background.

I was going to a sentiment onto another piece of card.  Then I remembered the card stickers in the Memories & More card pack-  they were just PERFECT - at least I think so.  Don't you agree?

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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Relax Your Way! Stepper card

Hello, and welcome!
Doesn't this guy look as if he's having a lovely time, just chillin'!

It was this image that sold the "A Good Man" stamps for me and, oh happy day! it was one of the items that was available for demonstrators to pre-order (love being a demo, I do!  Early access to new goodies AND at a discount...bargain!)

Believe it or not, this is the first stepper card I've ever made. They've been around for quite a while now, but I've just never felt inspired to make one before.

I think it's the deck chair this chap is relaxing in that's made me decide to attempt this kind of card.

It really wasn't hard once I'd figured out the measurements.  Here's how -

Here's the cutting/folding diagram.

It might have taken me a while to make my first stepper card, but I'm sure it won't be my last!  If you give this a try please remember to let me see what you've done by posting on my Facebook page.

Keep crafting,


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Saturday 15 June 2019

Little Boxes

Hello and welcome!

Today I’ve made a box to fit the trinket dish I embellished a short time ago (you can find out more about that project here). Putting a small, inexpensive item into a pretty box makes it much more giftable (is that a word?) don’t you think?

I made my box to fit my dish, and if you happen to want a box that size then you can follow my measurements in the tutorial. 

However, if the item you want a box for is a different size, then here’s how you go about deciding what size you need to cut and score your card - 
  Measure the item that you want to fit in your box.
  Width x Length x Height  
  To calculate the size to cut your card:
  Length plus twice the height  
  Width plus twice the height  
  Score at the "height" dimension on all sides.  
  To calculate the size for the lid, add 1/8"(3mm) to the length and width.

(If maths isn't your strong point, try using this Excel spreadsheet to take the brain strain away!) 

Keep crafting,


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Wednesday 12 June 2019

Sailing Away

Hello and welcome!

Something a bit different today – a scrapbook page.

The beauty of scrapbooking is that you get to play with your lovely supplies, AND you get to keep the finished article, so it’s win-win! 

I’ve made an 8 x 8 inch page, which is large enough to show off a fair sized photo but isn’t so big that getting started is a daunting prospect.  (And there are ways of making use of the space that you have to include extra photos and some journaling, so you needn’t be limited to one photo unless you want!)


Stampin’ Up! Memories and More card packs are designed with pocket scrapbooking in mind. You get a lot of different designs that co-ordinate with one of the suites and some specialty items as well (like cardstock stickers).  The packs are useful for so many other crafty projects – think how quickly you could make a card! 
I combined items from the card pack with other bits from the Come Sail Away suite.  Here’s the video –

Don’t forget, the new 2019-20 catalogue is open for business!  You can shop with me by clicking the link on the left hand side of this page (and you can get an online copy of the catalogue from the link at the bottom of the page).

Keep crafting,


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