Saturday 20 July 2019

Rainbow and Fluffy Clouds - Double z fold card

Hello everyone, and welcome!

If you've been following this blog, you probably already know that it's all a bit erratic at the mo' because of the MASSIVE declutter that's come about because of electrical work that needs doing.  All my spare time (after the day job) is taken up with exploring cupboards and deciding what to keep and what to chuck.  The amount of junk that can be accumulated over 20+ years in a one-bedroomed flat is truly awe-inspiring.  My husband has paid so many visits to the recycling centre that the workers are talking about inviting him to their Christmas party!

Anyway, I made this double-z fold card before it all kicked off.  SU don't have rainbow or clouds dies just now - so I improvised!  Here's how - 

Right, so I'm back to the decluttering.  I am planning a new and improved crafting space for myself when it's all done - so it'll be worth it!

Saturday 13 July 2019

Tropical Sunset

Hello, and welcome!

It’s a quick hi/bye from me today.  We are deep in the midst of decluttering/destashing before our planned electrical work begins, and the next few projects will be those that were done before the chaos commenced.

I’m calling today’s card Tropical Sunset.

Here’s how I made it –

Now it’s back to the decluttering for me.  It’s amazing how much stuff has accumulated in the 20-odd years we’ve been living here.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for 20 years, to start with.  I’m beginning the think that the cupboards have TARDIS-like qualities because I’m sure that the things that have come out of them are bigger than the space inside. Normal service will be resumed eventually!

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Sunday 7 July 2019

Going Cuckoo!

Hi folks, and welcome!

Before I get on with today's blog, I want to let you know that things may be a little bit irregular around here over the coming weeks.

We have to have some electrical work done which is going to mean the place is more-or-less going to be turned upside down.  In preparation for this we have to de-clutter and de-stash.  We've been living here for over 20 years and the amount of stuff that we've accumulated is, frankly, embarrassing...

Anyway, it's well overdue!  So between that and the day job, blog scheduling may have to be suspended for a while.

I have a number of projects filmed and ready to be edited.  However, because of the current disruption, the finished articles have, seemingly, wandered off and hidden, so I apologise for the poor quality photos - I've had to rely on screenshots!'s project is made with the Cuckoo for You bundle.  I love a kinetic card, I truly do!  

It's not compulsory to make this so that the little door opens...but why wouldn't you?  

There are a couple of things to be careful about when making this card.  I made a couple of schoolgirl errors the first time I tried it and wondered why the little door wasn't opening properly!  I got it right in the end though!

I really enjoyed making this card and, for an action card, it was quick and easy to do.  (If you want to get hold of this bundle, you can shop with me by clicking the product links below!)

Right, so now I'm off to do some more de-cluttering...I may be some time..!

Keep crafting,


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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Free asa a Bird - Rainfall Card

Hello, and welcome!

I've been intrigued by the magic rainfall cards I've been seeing around the interwebs of late.  These have beads strung onto invisible thread and when you tilt the card, the beads run from one end to the other, like this - 

This is one of those cards that I could play with for ages.  The sound of the beads running along the thread is very soothing.  

Here's how I made the card - 

Wouldn't you love to get a card like this one?  Although it took a bit of time to make, I think the results were worth it.  

Anyway, that's it for now.  See you again soon!

Keep crafting,