Saturday 15 June 2019

Little Boxes

Hello and welcome!

Today I’ve made a box to fit the trinket dish I embellished a short time ago (you can find out more about that project here). Putting a small, inexpensive item into a pretty box makes it much more giftable (is that a word?) don’t you think?

I made my box to fit my dish, and if you happen to want a box that size then you can follow my measurements in the tutorial. 

However, if the item you want a box for is a different size, then here’s how you go about deciding what size you need to cut and score your card - 
  Measure the item that you want to fit in your box.
  Width x Length x Height  
  To calculate the size to cut your card:
  Length plus twice the height  
  Width plus twice the height  
  Score at the "height" dimension on all sides.  
  To calculate the size for the lid, add 1/8"(3mm) to the length and width.

(If maths isn't your strong point, try using this Excel spreadsheet to take the brain strain away!) 

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