Wednesday 26 June 2019

Welcome to the team! #simplestamping

Hello, and welcome!

My day job is in an office.  I enjoy my job (yes, honestly!) and part of the reason why is because of the people I work with.  It's a very social place and we love to mark special occasions by sending cards.  There's always a birthday, or someone's retiring or has been promoted, so when I spotted Welcome to the Team in the SU catalogue I got it as soon as I could!

It's a #simplestamping project today - well, almost, because I did use coloured pencils.  

Simples, yes? And super-quick, because sometimes you need a card in a hurry.  If you work in an office these stamps are a must-have!  (Want to get hold of them?  See the product links below!)

So that's me for today.  
Keep crafting


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