Wednesday 28 February 2018

Bore da! (Good morning!)

Hello and welcome – or perhaps I should say Croeso!

Tomorrow is St David’s Day.  St David is the patron saint of Wales and we’ll be celebrating his special day.  Children will wear national dress (some adults will, too!) and will be singing Welsh songs and reciting Welsh poetry as part of their school celebrations.  Most of us will be wearing a national emblem somewhere – a brooch or a pin with a red dragon perhaps, but most of us will wear a daffodil (either fresh or artificial) in our lapels.

So today I’m sharing a card that features these beautiful daffodils.  As March 1st was supposed to be St David’s birthday (and also the anniversary of his death, but let’s not go there right now) I’ve made it as a birthday card.  I did some dry embossing on the reverse, but it doesn’t show that well (although you can feel it) – mainly because, I think, the watercolour paper is so textured.  

I used the out-of-the-frame technique on this card, too so there’s quite a bit going on in today’s tutorial!

Have a lovely day!

Keep crafting,


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