Tuesday 17 May 2016

Show me the way to go home!

Hello Bloggists, and welcome!

Well, I survived my first live-streamed virtual workshop.  I was SOOOO nervous all day before it - I felt as if I were about to have an interview for a new job.  I was afraid that nobody would turn up, or that they wouldn't like the projects or join in the chat....in the end, it all went OK apart from when I got over-excited and knocked the tripod over.  I couldn't even blame the cat, she was nowhere near at the time.  If you joined me for the event, thank you so much, I really, really appreciated your support.

Anyway, I will be scheduling the next one in time for the catalogue launch at the start of June.  Are you excited yet?  There's some gorgeous stuff coming up!

However, we still have a couple of weeks left to play with the current catalogues and this is what I've been making -
I've been making paracord bracelets which fit nicely into this little box.   Of course there's a tutorial - 
Hope you enjoy.

See you soon,

Crafty Hugs,


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