Tuesday 27 September 2016

Halloween Triangle Fold Card

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There's a real autumnal feel to the weather here today.  It's much cooler than it has been, it's raining and windy and it's easy to believe that Halloween will soon be here.

Halloween is my favourite holiday.  When I was a child, it wasn't a big celebration - Guy Fawkes  Night was much more exciting, with a huge bonfire built by the local boys and fireworks set off in back gardens by parents.  If I’m completely honest, the fun started some time before, with penny-for-the-Guy (which I was forbidden to do) and the older boys buying Bangers and Jumping Jacks for the purpose of scaring the girls by throwing them (you only had to be 13 to buy fireworks then - Health & Safety hadn't been invented!)  Halloween was much more low-key, usually we stayed at home played Ducking Apples (where you tried to take a bite out of an apple floating in a bowl of water or suspended from a string without using your hands).

I really love the modern Halloween, with the fancy dress and the spooky decorations and all.  We still don't exchange cards very much here in the UK but I'm not going to let that stop me from making some! I love the Spooky Fun set lots, and I've used it for this Triangle Fold card.  It opens up like this-

Here's the tutorial-

What do you think?  Hope you like  it!

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