Tuesday 13 September 2016

Just watch it!

Hello bloggists, welcome to my blog.

Today I am SOOOO excited because tomorrow, we are going to visit the Harry Potter studios.  We've been there before, on a tour organised by the staff social club where we work, and it was wonderful.  However, we did spend too much time looking at everything in the first section and ended up rushing so as not to miss the coach home, so we promised ourselves that we'd come back again - so we are.

So today's project is Harry Potter inspired.  It's a little gift box that holds a Harry Potter pocket watch for my husband.  He collects pocket watches and this one popped up on my Facebook News feed so I had to get it for him, but ssh, don't tell him - it's a surprise.  It's got S-for-Slytherin (he was  Sorted into Slytherin) on the lid - but I may change it for his initial.  Or maybe I won't.

Here's the tutorial 

and here are the measurements.

That's it for today - but don't forget, on Thursday I won't be posting my usual blog, because I'll be live-streaming my Roses workshop in the evening, so join me then (7.30 pm BST) over on my YouTube channel.  

See you soon!

Crafty Hugs,


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