Thursday 24 November 2016

Meowy Christmas everyone!

Hi bloggists, and welcome.
OK, I'm a crazy cat lady.  And if you think I'm sorry for it, think again.
I like dogs as well - but I LOVE cats.  I've said before that this cheeky little pussycat reminds me so much of our Persian girl, Mysti.  (Her full registered name is Callymichanti Bootylicious but I couldn't face going to the vet and having them call out "Bootylicious Howell, please!"  So we called her Mystique - although Boadicea would have suited her...)  I coloured it as close as I could to her natural colouring (she's a lilac).  Here she is helping me to film -

Here's the tutorial - 

Thanks for visiting and  I hope you'll come back soon!

Crafty Hugs,



  1. Great card! Your tutorials are so informative. I will be making this, thank you!

  2. Hi Karen, love your card, and your kitty. She sure is a fluffy one. I have a lilac siamese who will be 20 next month...Ann in Canada


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