Saturday 11 November 2017

Mini folding fan favours

Usually at this time of year, SU demonstrators are hitting the road with joyful cries of "Telford, baby!" - this being where OnStage Local (our demo conference/training event) is held.  This year, for a change, it's "Solihull, baby !" as the venue has changed, and that is where I shall be, so I'm really, really hoping that the scheduling for this post and the YouTube video works!

When I was a little girl, my sister and I loved pretending to be posh ladies, fanning ourselves with bits of paper concertina-folded and drinking "champagne" (otherwise known as cherryade) out of our mother's sundae dishes.  Sometimes I'd spend my pocket money on a paper fan from the market and swan round the place, being very grand and fluttering my fan like mad.  It must have been hilariously funny for onlookers!  Still, I did love my fans!

I made a full-size version of these folding fans back in the summer and I thought a mini version would make a nice item to swap with other demonstrators at OnStage.  It does get quite warm in the conference room - so I hope these will be a nice practical item.  

They'd also make nice party favours or goody-bag items.
I've scheduled the video, and you should be able to link from it here -

It wasn't easy to keep track of where all the score lines needed to go while filming, so as I promised, here's where you need to crease the paper.

Score at (all measurements in inches) -

¾  1 ½  2 ¼ 3 -3 ¾  4 ½ - 5 ¼  6  6 ¾ 7 ½  8 ¼  9  9 ¾ 10 ½  11 ¼

Turn the paper over and score at-

3/8  11/8  17/8  25/8  33/8  41/8  47/8  55/8  63/8  71/8  77/8 85/8  93/8 101/8  107/8 115/8

If you find that the ball tool jumps out of the channel a lot, you can help it run smoothly by lubricating it - rub it on a bit of dry soap, a tumble-drier sheet, or even rub it on the side of your nose!

I'll be telling you all about OnStage (well, as much as I'm allowed to) in my next post and I'll also be showing you what I got in exchange for my swaps next time, so please do come back on Wednesday!

Keep Crafting!

Crafty Hugs,


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  1. Could you tell me where you get the scoring tool? I love this, thanks for posting it.


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