Saturday 4 November 2017

Birthday card for my (grown-up!) baby

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This should have been a straightforward card.  My younger son's birthday is later this month (he's 30 - how is that possible?  I'm only 24! 😆 ) and I wanted to make his card.

It turned into a bit of a learning curve.  To begin with, I forgot that ink takes FOREVER to set on vellum and wiped off the embossing.  I also made a hash of trimming the vellum strip to size.  I thought I'd filmed myself correcting it, but can't find the clip (it may have been a casualty of the great iMac collapse of 2017 - see my previous post for details!)

Anyway, in case you wanted to know, I straightened out my wonky trimming by going old-school - I used a craft knife and ruler.  I was awake enough to remember to use a cutting mat - then decided to trim the edge of the card while I was at it, but after I'd put the cutting mat away...and cut right through my silicone mat.  Sigh. Luckily, I wasn't filming that bit, because I said some very Bad Words.

After all that, if you still want to see the tutorial, here it is...

See you again soon and keep crafting!

Crafty Hugs,


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