Saturday 5 November 2016

Sweet flowers

Hello bloggists, and thank you for visiting.
If all has gone according to plan, when this blog entry goes live I shall be at our SU Demonstrators’ conference (OnStage local) in Telford.  The conferences happen twice a year, and it’s where we get to see the new products that are coming up and to meet up with other SU demos. 
Part of the fun is swapping.  The idea is that you make multiple copies of something – a card front, a box, a bookmark – and then on the day you swap them.  You then come back with a pile of inspiration and ideas.

This time I’ve made some flowers with sweet centres.

I promise that I'll be showing you what I get in return for my swaps on Tuesday's YouTube-  hope I'll see you then!

Crafty Hugs,


PS - if you want know more about joining in the fun of being a SU demo, drop me a line - I'd be happy to help!


  1. Hi Keren i must start by saying that i love most of your videos, warts and all, but recently i find them most frustrating to watch. We all make mistakes, but it is very annoying making your viewers sit through your repeated countdowns while you start again. If you must do this, then can you please, please, please edit them out. (This relates to your owl balloon card). Cheers.

    1. Hi Janet, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. OF course you are right, those countdowns shouldn't be in the finished video and I don't know how they are sneaking back in because I do cut them out, honest! Clearly I need to do better and I will. Thanks again for your comments, it helps a lot.


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