Thursday 30 June 2016

Origami heart - with a surprise...

Hello bloggists, welcome to my blog.  I'm so pleased that you came to visit!

I've had a few requests for more origami-based projects - so your wish is my command!

I used to spend hours folding paper when my children were younger;  it was easy to pick up and put down and the materials were easy to find and, most importantly, not messy.   This sweet little folded heart has a secret hidden inside, which I think makes it more fun for the recipient.

I used envelope paper.  Stampin' Up! DSP is excellent quality but it's a bit too heavy for most origami- it's almost light card.  The envelope paper is much better for the job as it's a bit lighter, but still top quality.

The heart itself is a very easy fold - here's the tutorial;

I used my favourite cat stamp too - this one looks like my Mysti when she's shouting at us for something she wants.  (I accidentally put her food bowl where her water bowl normally goes and vice versa the other day and she yelled at the top of her voice until I put it right!)  She puts in the occasional personal appearance in my videos and she may well turn up in my live stream Virtual Workshop on 6 July (7.30 pm BST) - so how about joining me to see if she does (or if the tripod remains upright?)  

Crafty Hugs,


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