Thursday 27 October 2016

Deep gift box

Hello bloggists, and welcome.

Today’s project is this little box, which is a bit deeper than normal.  I sized it to hold two small metal puzzles, but of course, it would hold whatever you wanted (you’d probably gets quite a few sweet treats in there).

I made it with our office Secret Santa draw in mind.  The way we organise it, we count up how many males and how many females are taking part and then those of us taking part pull out a slip of paper that reads “male” or “female, and that’s who you buy a gift for – but you mustn’t spend more than £1.  It’s very challenging trying to find something within that budget.

I got a set of 6 metal puzzles for £3 and thought that a couple of them would make a good present for one of my male colleagues – and OF COURSE I had to make a box to fit them. (Don’t worry – I shall be making something for a lady very soon!)

Here’s how I made it –

Here are the measurements -

-and the cutting diagram -

Hope you enjoyed this project.
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  1. Hi Keren, just a quick comment. I love all of your videos, quirks and all. But when you make a mistake or a false start (sometimes three or four times), and you count down to restart, I wish you would edit these out of your videos, because it is frustrating to have to sit through all of these mistakes. But please do keep making your videos, as I love to watch how you make all of your projects. Regards Janet


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