Tuesday 25 October 2016

Skellie wheel

Hello bloggists and welcome.
Can you believe that October’s nearly over?  The year is just flying by.  Halloween is getting very close now.  The Mr Funny Bones set has given me the perfect excuse to indulge my love for action cards with a “rotating wheel” card.

This card has a bit of a clever twist, however – something I wish I’d thought of myself, but in fact it was something I saw in my Facebook news feed and adapted.  I’d normally use a  brad (paper fastener) to make the image wheel rotate, but this time I used something else – can you guess what?
Check the video to find out!

If you're wondering how I made the background, I posted the tutorial here - 

Before I go, though – if you’ve been missing the live stream this month, the reason why there hasn’t been one is because my Mum-in-Law is still in hospital.  She went in with one problem (severe chest infection) then developed another (gastric ulcers) and another (ulcers on her leg) and finally, on the point of being discharged, the vascular surgeon said that he wouldn’t discharge her until she’d had an angioplasty.  As I write this, she’s due to have the procedure today and if all goes well, we hope she’ll be discharged soon.  FIL is deaf-blind so it’s been a pretty hectic time all round, making sure that everyone is fed/visited and so on but there is an end in sight!
See you soon,

Crafty Hugs,


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