Saturday 29 October 2016

Hidden Message Card

Hello bloggists, and welcome to my blog.

It’s Halloween on Monday and this is my last spooky project of the season.  If you’re wondering what I’ve done with the things I’ve made up until now, they are all decorating my desk at work (the day job).  On Monday I will be adding some further decorations of s suitably spooky’s going to be fun!

Today I'm sharing this Hidden Message Card.
Pull on the ribbon to reveal the message...
I do so enjoy making an action card!  I’m particularly happy because this card was mostly made from bits of other projects.  I often try out different colour combinations or stamps or patterned paper to decide which I like best for a particular card.   I don’t throw away the ones I don’t use, though – I save them in a folder.  This time I had enough offcuts and oddments left over to make most of this card.  This makes me happy.

Here’s the tutorial –

Hope you enjoyed it – and I hope that you have a spook-tacular Halloween!
Crafty Hugs,


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