Thursday 29 December 2016

Triangle origami box

Hello bloggists and welcome.

I love paper.   I just do!  There's something very satisfying about taking a sheet of it and turning it into something-a greeting card,  a box, a flower... 

At one time, I was very interested in origami.   It's a fascinating subject and I was very intrigued at the way folding pieces of paper could create models of animals or boxes or just elegant shapes.  It doesn't need much equipment or take up much room.  You begin with the very easy folds and then progress to the more complex.

Today's project is a very simple fold.  It's modular origami, where a number of simple pieces lock together to create a more complex piece.

Here's how it goes together -

You can vary the size just by using smaller or larger squares of paper and tiny boxes made from shiny paper would make cute tree ornaments  (it's never too early to start planning for Christmas,  right?)

And on that happy note, I'll sign off!

Crafty Hugs


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