Wednesday 7 June 2017

Eastern Palace Telescope Card

Hello bloggists.  Today I've made a telescope card.  When it's folded up to go into an envelope, it looks like this -
But when you unfold it, it looks like this -
This is how it opens up- lots of fun, don't you think?

When I was making this, I was a bit concerned that the colours were too dark - but I think it came out OK in the end - very rich-looking.  I love the vinyl stickers in the Eastern Palace suite.  There are fashions in paper craft and a few years ago peel-offs were everywhere (I still have a big box of them somewhere) and very useful for applying a quick greeting.  However, they did get a bit overdone and have been out of style for some time now - perhaps they're creeping back in a new, more elegant form!

Here's the tutorial video - 
I hope you'll give this a try - let me know how you get on (or pop over to my Facebook page and leave me a picture - that'd be even better!)

See you again soon,

Crafty hugs,


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