Saturday 10 June 2017

Partitioned box

Hello bloggists, and welcome.  Today I've made what appears to be a simple pizza-box style box.  I make lots of these, they are so easy to do and useful for holding all sorts of small gifts.  I used the speciality paper from the Eastern Palace DSP on the lid - isn't that foiling glorious?

However, the real feature of this box is inside.  I've partitioned it off into four compartments to help stop the contents rattling around inside.  I've made it to present four tealights , but it could hold other stuff (like handmade chocolates, maybe?)

There was a bit of effort involved in making this one, not to mention some brain strain in trying to work out the best way to create the liner to meet my idea of what I wanted, but I got pretty close in the end.  Here's what I did-

I promised to post the measurements and cutting diagram here, so here it is - the liner first -
Here's the measurements for the shell. 

I recommend using the broader end of the scoring tool to give yourself a bit of latitiude when folding.  The liner is a tiny bit too small - because I didn't want to be working with sixteenths of an inch (they make my head ache) - so you will need to fit the shell around the liner and trim it a bit.  It does make the lid fit better, though.

I hope you enjoyed this one.

Crafty Hugs,


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