Saturday 22 September 2018

Artists' Trading...Coins!

 Hello, and welcome!

It's often said that crafters never waste anything!  If you've been crafting for any length of time, you've probably accumulated a stash of scraps - those precious bits that aren't big enough to make anything from but are too pretty to throw away... the extra die-cuts that you did while you had the Big Shot handy... the scraps of ribbon...

So when I came across the Artists' Trading Coins out there on the interwebs I had a substantial stock to get me started!
Artists' Trading Coins are like Artists' Trading Cards, but circular.  The only rules are the size - 2 1/2 inches in diameter - and  that they cannot be sold, only traded or given away.  Apart from that, anything goes!

Today's project is a handy little wallet to keep a selection of AT Coins organised and protected.  

Have you been making AT Coins - or are you thinking of starting? Let me know!

Keep Crafting,


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  1. Hello I'm not very good in English. So, I try to ask you what I wand to know.
    The project you done, it's amasing.
    I would like to know at which place you took your orange knife and your blue punch please.
    Thank you!
    Lucie Simoneau
    Chibougamau, Qu├ębec, Canada


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