Wednesday 23 January 2019

Floating Panel with Bella & Friends

Hello and welcome!
It’s an interactive card today.  This is a variation of what I call a “Pushmi-Pullyu” card. 

In this kind of mechanism, you pull on one tab and another slides out at the same time – or that’s the usual arrangement.  The two sliding panels are attached to an endless belt of plastic so that when one is pulled, the other is pushed in the opposite direction.

I saw this idea on a channel called Insideoutjeans and I thought it was brilliant!  I’d never thought of attaching a stamped image directly onto the plastic belt before - and I love how it works!

Here’s how I made it.

Oh, and this card is made in honour of a colleague’s new spaniel puppy.  The stamp set I used is Bella and Friends and the puppy (who is so adorable) is also called Bella.  I just had to make this card in her honour, don’t you agree?

Keep crafting!


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