Wednesday 13 March 2019

Happy Tails Z-Fold Card

Hello everyone, and welcome!

It's a short and sweet project today.  I was away from home (because of my day job) yesterday and I lost track of what day it was as a result so I almost didn't post this at all!  

I made this upright Z-fold card a couple of weeks ago, before I damaged myself while attempting to cook (I cannot emphasise enough how dangerous cookery is.  It should be left to the professionals!).  The burn is healing nicely, BTW.  It doesn't look very attractive, though, so I'm keeping it covered with a wristband.

I admit to being a crazy cat lady, but today I'm letting the dogs out - well, the dog, anyway!  When I was a small child one of my favourite TV programmes featured the biggest spotty dog you ever did see" and that was one of the things in my mind when I chose to use the spotty pattern on my dog (that and a Dalmatian that took a fancy to my sister and followed her home a few times!)

This kind of fancy fold is easy to do, but surprising in the way it opens.  I hope you give it a try and have fun with it!

Keep Crafting,


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