Wednesday 25 September 2019

By the book...

Hello and welcome!
Well, the ol’ blog has been neglected a bit just lately!  Today’s project was a long one so I split it into three tutorials – but I didn’t want to post three blogs on the same subject!

Taking card and/or paper and making it look like something else fascinates me and over the years I’ve learned a few techniques for altering a plain bit of card.  I save all the bits of greyboard/chipboard that are used to protect Stampin’ Up! cardstock in transit so that I can upcycle them later!

Today’s faux book uses one of my favourite techniques for making “leather”.  I’ve made a playlist of the three tutorials so you can watch the process from start to end –

Don’t worry, normal service will be resumed with the next post!

See you soon,

Keep crafting,


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