Saturday 19 October 2019

Note to self...

Hello and welcome!  

In my day job, I work in a government office.  Even though most of our work is done on computer and there's not as much paper about the place as there used to be, we seem to consume a vast number of sticky notes.  The walls are covered in them, our stationery cupboard has shelves full of them, and is regularly restocked.  

They go walkabout, as well.  It often happens that a colleague borrows your sticky notes to jot down a message - and then absent-mindedly walks off with them.  

I made these little holders to hold a pad of 3 x 3 sticky notes.  Underneath the gorgeous papers, they are constructed of chipboard.  I wanted them to be quite robust.  Just to make my life difficult, I gave them a flip-up cover.  

I've made two, partly to show off how they look in the different DSPs but mainly because my computer went on strike and refused to save the first tutorial!  (There may or may not have been a certain amount of bad language employed to releive my feelings...)

Anyway, here's the tutorial.
My husband has claimed the version with the stars for his desk, and I'm going to take the Bird Ballad one, so both have a home.

With Christmas coming wouldn't these make cute little stocking-fillers or Secret Santa gifts?  

Keep crafting,


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  1. Will try to make one of the the sticky pad holders they look lovely, had to laugh at your comment about bad language I'm just glad no one sits beside me when I'm crafting ha ha x

  2. I can NOT print out your instructions. So, I wrote them out. Could you share with me the measurements of the two side pieces of chipboard were cut too? I didn't understand nor could I see them. I love the idea of these. As much hard work you put into this, I wouldn't be making these to sell at a craft fair. Only for my husband would I do this. But, I do want to make him one. Could you please write a brief description of how to finish the pocket if we don't cut our tabs off? You are truly awesome to design this! Great job of it! My mind goes completely blank when I try to design a 3D project! I really love this!


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