Wednesday 30 October 2019

Flat pens!

Hello everyone, welcome!

It’s a super-quick project today. 

I came across the idea of flat pens/bookmark pens while browsing YouTube.  

It seems they’ve been around for a while but I’ve never come across them before.

My first thought was – can you actually, really, write with them?  It turns out you can.  I wouldn’t want to write a dissertation using one, but for jotting down notes or a quick shopping list, it’s fine and surprisingly comfortable in the hand.
Here’s how I made mine –

Because I wanted to experiment I used the super-inexpensive pens I had lying around (to give to customers at workshops so they could write their shopping lists).  Afterwards I found better-quality ball-point pen refills on Amazon at under £2 for 10. 

I'm going to make some to tuck into the Sticky Note holders I've been making!

Keep crafting


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