Tuesday 1 September 2015

Here comes the bride

Hello, lovely people who are visiting my blog - welcome1

Today I'm revisiting my Stay-closed box, which I've resized slightly.  This one is made from a piece of card 6 1/2 by 6 inched, scored at 3 and 6 inches on the long side and at 1 inch and 4 inches on the shorter side.  If you watch the tutorial, I explain the principles involved in resizing the box to suit your needs.  

There's a bit of a story attached to this box - which I do seem to have originated.   I'm normally the sort of person who takes someone else's idea and adapts it to suit my purpose.  However, just for once, I can lay claim to starting something.

Earlier this year I was making a stay-closed packet that I'd found in a publication from Hot off the Press, in a video for my YouTube channel.  The design called for the flaps at the base of the packet to be trimmed to about a 45 degree angle, and I was about to do that when I realised that, if I left that step out, it made a rather attractive shaped box - so I changed design direction there and then and pretended that had been my intention all along

I shared the picture in the Pootles Craft Forum group on Facebook, people said nice things about the box, made copies of it - and before I knew it I was seeing "my" box everywhere.  I was - and still am - delighted, especially when Dawn Griffith CASE'd it (I felt that I had truly ARRIVED at that point!), and I spotted a die-cut version on TV.  It also turned up for download in the Silhouette store in the form of a file for the Cameo or Portrait cutters.  I am truly thrilled!

Anyway, here's the tutorial.  (At a couple of points in the video you can hear a strange little noise, for which I apologise- it's the cat,snoring!)

Thanks for watching!

PS - next time we'll be making the masculine version - can't leave the guys out, can we?  See you soon!

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