Tuesday 8 September 2015

Perfectly Groomed

Hello bloggers and welcome!
Today’s tutorial is a continuation of last week’s. This time I've made the Bridegroom version.

I decided to make two videos because a single tutorial covering both versions would have been VERY long – so last time I concentrated on the construction of the box, this one is more about embellishing it. 
See the cute little bow tie?  I used a dining fork to help me tie it evenly.  You can buy gadgets to help you tie a bow but basically, they’re all just two posts with a space in between  and it’s not that easy to find one that will help you with teeny tiny bows.  The fork worked fine for me.  You can see how I did it in the video –
If you want the details of how I constructed the box then you can find it here.

Hope you enjoyed – see you again soon!

Crafty Hugs,


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