Wednesday 19 December 2018

Pillow Box Gift Bag

Hello, and welcome! 

I thought I was finished with Christmas projects – but I was wrong!  

Today I’ve made a gift bag using a pillow box as a base, inspired by a video on Helen Griffin’s channel.  I believe Helen used a punch board to make her project – but as I had a package of pillow boxes to hand, I decided to use those. (And after I'd made my tutorial, I saw that Angie Kennedy Judah got there before me too!)

 Here's what I did.

This was also a way of using up the scraps and odds and ends that I’ve accumulated through the season.  I sometimes have a session of die-cutting or punching where I just cut a lot of elements and then put them into a bag for later use. I do the same thing if I’m stamping and colouring images (like the snowman) so that I’ve got a stock of items ready to go.  They all came in very handy for this little gift bag!

If you don’t have a bag of bits handy, you could easily glue a strip of decorative paper around the middle of the box/bag.  Or tie a ribbon round it.  

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