Wednesday 3 April 2019

Tealights for Two

Hello, and welcome!

OK, so I may just have become a tiny bit obsessed with Lemon Lime Twist!
It’s going to be retiring as an In-Colour at the end of May, so the time that I have left to play with it is limited and I’m making the most of it!
Today I’ve made a little box with a fold-over lid, pizza box style.  I made it to fit two tea lights, and to help me get the size right I made myself a calculator. 

(If you want a copy you can download it from here).

Here's how I put the box together - 

Even with the spreadsheet to help me, I managed to make a mistake.  When I measured my tea lights, I measured one, added a bit on for “ease” and then doubled the length measurement to fit two.  That made my box a bit too long – not the end of the world, I grant you.  I SHOULD have doubled the length and THEN added on the ease for a perfect fit.  You live and learn!

Did you notice that I'm using up the left-overs from the card I marbled with shaving foam?    Couldn't waste it, could I?

That's it for today - thanks for visiting and hope to see you soon!

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